We help credit unions and banks increase revenue and reduce costs through highly advanced, next generation collection and recovery software together with professional support services. Through our software solution and services our customers streamline and consolidate collection and recovery operations, increase resource productivity, and produce far superior reporting.  



We work with our customers to understand their specific collection and recovery operational improvement needs. Through our professional services, we then tailor and configure Fusion CRS to meet those needs. With our unique combination of highly advanced, easily configurable software and very experienced resources, we are able to help our customers achieve their collection and recovery improvement goals and results. 


  • Fusion CRS™ is a consolidated, in-house software platform with one database for managing delinquency loan collections through charge-off recoveries and special assets. Fusion CRS can even manage non-delinquent watch-list and fraud accounts!​ 

  • Fusion CRS provides very robust and flexible integration capabilities to meet this very important need of our customers. Fusion CRS is integrated with most of the leading core processing platforms today. We also have experience integrating with several mortgage and card portfolio processing systems, letter printing fulfillment vendors, recovery agencies, insurance companies, auto dialer platforms, and many other services where integration with Fusion CRS is required.  

  • Fusion CRS manages any account in any special collection status and comes delivered with pre-configured workflow and special collection and recovery tracking screens that can be easily customized for bankruptcy, repossession, foreclosure, real-estate owned, judgment, NSF and negative share, and any other special collections tracking you require.  

  • Fusion CRS manages any type of relationship, including consumer loans, mortgages, commercial loans, cards, savings and shares, lines of credit, and much more. 

  • Fusion CRS was designed and developed to be easily configured to meet your specific collection and recovery workflow and processing needs.​ 

  • We are committed to providing our customers personalized, first-class support and service. This includes all reasonable Fusion CRS configuration changes and adjustments at no additional charge during the entire term of our agreement. Everybody else talks about their wonderful support and commitment to customer service. At Fusion CRS Solutions, we really mean it. Just ask our customers.   

Created specifically for credit unions and banks by a team of professionals with decades of successful experience in collection and recovery software technology solution development and support, the flexible features and powerful benefits delivered through Fusion CRS™ are unsurpassed.



Sarah Gregerson, Loan Recovery Supervisor

Sarah Gregerson, Loan Recovery Supervisor

Sarah Gregerson, Loan Recovery Supervisor

"We consolidated all collections onto the Fusion CRS platform, and couldn’t be more pleased! We also automated the production of letters and emails, really improving our efficiency. Last but not least, the support provided by the team has been outstanding!"


Jason Holmes, Loss Prevention Manager

Sarah Gregerson, Loan Recovery Supervisor

Sarah Gregerson, Loan Recovery Supervisor

"After two years of evaluating several collection and recovery software platforms, we made the choice to go with Fusion CRS. Fusion was able to integrate all of the things we were doing and customize the platform to fit our needs and the service we received from start to finish (and ongoing) has been superb."

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